Automotive Electrophoretic Painting line is successfully accomplished in UK

time:2015-04-14   visitor:159

Type: Car Parts E-coat Painting system

Business: Auto Industry

Process: Loading - Degreasing1 - Degreasing2 - Water Rinse1 - DM Water Rinse1 - Nano Coating - DM Water Rinse2 - DM Water Rinse3 - Fresh DM Water Rinse1 – Dripping - Cathode E-coating - UF0 Rinse - UF1 Water Rinse - UF2 Water Rinse - DM Water Rinse4 - Fresh DM Water Rinse3 – Dripping - E-coating Drying – Cooling - Unloading


OURS COATING installed a new e-coat paint line which involves cleaning the metal, painting, and baking for a Coventry plating and metal finishing firm, expecting to double its turnover and its staff. Our customer was set-up by Mohan Singh and Sohan Aojula to focus on chrome, nickel and decorative plating but has diversified into e-coating for the automotive industry. They paint body panels for Aston Martin and Bentley, seats for Jaguar Land Rover, the yellow front grills for cabs produced by JCB and bulkheads for Renault vans.

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