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OURS COATING Company organized a three-day and two-night group tour from July 22 to 24, which not only allowed everyone to relax, but also took this opportunity to gather team spirit. On the basis of caring for employees, the company incorporated team spirit into this event, and more importantly, created an atmosphere of unity, hard work, and progress for all employees.


On the first day, we took a bus to the Nanxun town in Zhejiang province. The staff of the OURS team put aside all their worries and experienced the simple folk customs in the ancient town. There was a feeling of returning to the simple and genuine, which relieved the pressure of usual work.

The next morning is the Waterfalls. Some members of the OURS team roam freely among the green mountains and green waters and feel the nature. Some overcome their fear and board the glass plank road, and some overcome the scorching sun and physical exhaustion, cheer each other and climb to the top of the mountain. 

In the afternoon, it was the adventure drifting at Jiangjunguan. The whole process was full of surprises and adventures. But this also promotes mutual understanding and teamwork among various departments and employees.

The third day is Yixing Shanjuan Cave. Under the guidance of the instructor, the members of the OURS team entered Shanjuan Cave as if entering an underground palace, where we saw the exquisite and translucent stalactites and the magnificent natural boulders.

These collective activities have enhanced the friendship between colleagues, makes the unfamiliar employees have the opportunity to communicate together, integrate into the team wholeheartedly, build team spirit, and quickly form a sense of collective belonging, a sense of honor, and responsibility for work. The smooth development of the project has laid a good foundation.

This is a profound and meaningful event. We believe that in the big family of OURS Company, no matter what difficulties we will face next, we can all hold hands to overcome together, because we firmly believe that: a hero has three gangs, and a fence has three piles. Unity is strength!

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