Valve Painting Line in Saudi Abrabia

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Type: Liquid Painting Line                  Business: Oil Pipeline

Process: Load----Blasting ---- Painting---- Drying ---- Unload

The leading manufacturer of valve and pipe fittings in Saudi Arabia is using our painting booth.

Our wet painting system advantages:
Good applicability
High-quality coating
Low pollution
Technical features:
1. Made of light steel, safe and steady.
2. The wall is made of seal composite insulation board, nice appearance and convenient construction.
3. 3D service wagon could be set in the painting booth for the conveying of all kinds of large workpieces.
4. The operating area complies with occupational safety and health standards and the exhaust emission conforms to the state environmental protection standards.
5. The waste gas concentration alarm device is set in every painting booth, when the waste gas concentration reaches the dangerous figure, the exhausting device will automatically emission the waste gas out of the booth.

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